Veneer sheets

Our veneer specialists select the veneer sheets according to your specifications and join them using our unique gluing process. This gives you exactly the veneer sheet that meets your material and surface requirements. There are absolutely no restrictions regarding design: over 80 premium veneer types cater to every wish. Classic or domestically-grown veneers, with or without knots, unusual and exotic real wood surfaces are all available. Whether veneered lengthwise, in a crosswise appearance or with delicate veneer grains, each model is unique and expressive in its design.

The use of an optional supporting paper gives our veneer sheets a high degree of flexibility and robustness against impact and tensile forces. For this purpose, an ultra-thin layer of non-woven fabric is applied to the back of the veneer. The resulting product ensures a perfect surface, even under the most difficult and challenging geometric conditions – whether for a tight radius or a wide surface, our veneer sheets are particularly popular in the furniture industry.

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