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The innovative digital printing process from VICOVER is impressive in its level of detail and 3D-effect illustrations: every design can be printed in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish the printed image from the original. The advantages of digital printing are obvious: there are almost no limits on the choice and configuration of print designs: from natural wood structures and grains to creative image modifications and unique design patterns, absolutely anything is possible. The advantages over real wood veneers can be seen in a direct comparison: in digital printing, no knots, scars or cracks appear as they typically do in natural wood materials, unless it is wished by the customer. It is also possible to achieve high numbers of running meters or small quantities with a huge colour consistency.

Most challenging shapes can be covered with a roll width of 140 mm. The print itself has a high resistance to lacquers, cleaning agents and chemicals, as well as UV rays.

On veneer

In addition to conventional digital printing on paper, we have recently begun offering our customers a new and innovative method of veneer finishing: direct printing onto veneer. Here, digital printing intensifies the natural character of the real wood.

This new design option utilises the natural structure of the base material to create a special 3D effect, giving the product a high-quality, unique overall appearance.

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